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By Christian Leavesley & Dan Giovannoni

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Inspired by the amazing true story of the 1919 Air Race from London to Darwin, this old-world adventure from Arena Theatre Company captures an extraordinary moment in history, when flight was inspiring a whole new way of looking at the world.

Seven teams take to the skies in a thrilling race to victory, chasing an adventure that will take them half way across the planet. Maintaining their flying machines with found objects, random spare parts and the occasional wad of chewing gum, these aviators undertook their extraordinary journey at a time when ‘risk management’ just wasn’t a thing.

Will they survive? Will they make it to Darwin? And whose stories matter when you’re making history?

From crash landings to disappearing planes, the stories of our fearless flyers range from harebrained and hilarious to deeply moving and sometimes tragic. With incredible moving sets and live music, this is theatre for young people like you’ve never seen before.

  • Performers Rosie Clynes, Hamish Irvine, Simone French, Nicole Gulasekharem
  • Writer Dan Giovannoni
  • Director Christian Leavesley
  • Dramaturge Jolyon James
  • Script Advisor Sonya Suarez
  • Design Development Team Christian Leavesley, Jolyon James, Marg Horwell
  • Composers Ania Reynolds & Kim Baston
  • Musical Directors Ania Reynolds & Kim Baston
  • Lighting Designer Paul Jackson
  • Costume Designer Matilda Woodroofe
  • Production Managers Ben Van Dillen & Calum McClure
  • Stage Manager Kyrilee Bodin
Supported by Australia Council for the Arts and Creative Victoria

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