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Dave Thornton

So What Now?

Comedian Dave Thornton has learnt a thing or two in the last year:
- Don’t try and explain the concept of an Uber to a 70-year-old.
- Never show photos of your kid to a non-parent.
- There’s rarely any need to leave the 3km radius surrounding your home.

Best known for his honest, whip-smart and damn funny stand-up comedy, Thornton recently hung up his headphones after four years of breakfast radio. He soon realised you don’t need an alarm to be woken up at the crack of dawn – a one-year-old will do the trick juuuust fine.

So What Now? is an upside-down take on an upside-down year. Thornton’s thrown in the security of a regular pay cheque to head back on the road at precisely the time when he should be taking life seriously. Luckily for you, he has never been able to take anything too seriously. He mightn’t have slept, but that will make it all the funnier when he breaks his 3km radius cordon to bring his brand-new show to Darwin Festival.

Slick, funny… devastatingly effective.’ CHORTLE (UK)

'Funny, energetic and topical.' HERALD SUN

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