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Gillian Cosgriff

To the Moon and Back

Gillian Cosgriff is an award-winning musical comedian who mistakenly ventured out to see the film Interstellar with a throbbing hangover and came face to face with her fear of outer space – astrophobia. (Seriously, name me one space movie where nobody dies? You can’t, can you?)

When Cosgriff thinks about the future, instead of seeing dazzling new horizons and exciting possibilities, all she can think about is the impending doom of the probable apocalypse. Did you know that scientists believe the 21st century will achieve 1,000 times the progress of the 20th century? Oh, God!

To the Moon and Back runs the gamut of future fears, covering everything from humans colonising Mars to gypsy weddings, with some amazing costuming and a little Savage Garden in between.

Gillian Cosgriff has been garnering rave reviews for her charming and unique style of musical comedy. See her now, before the world inevitably ends.

‘If Cosgriff’s stand-up is killer, her songs are near-genocidal… her way with music and lyrics is pure genius.’ HERALD SUN

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