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Greta Stanley’s youthful, electric and emotional songs will leave you feeling like somebody has reached right in and given your heart a shake with both hands. The otherworldly nature of her voice and her music will hypnotise and mesmerise you as she draws you into her world within a single line sung.

After a hectic three years touring, writing and releasing music, 23-year-old Stanley has secured herself as one to watch on the Australian music scene. While influences ranging from Soko and Daughter to Cigarettes After Sex can be heard amongst the lyrics and melodies, along with her own personal song-writing style, her latest album is a collection of sometimes upbeat and sometimes sparingly dark and disillusioned themes.

Often strikingly beautiful and uplifting, ever promising and never pretentious, her songs pair subtle acoustic melodies with soaring and lyrically emotive vocals to leave you with the feeling that everything in the end, will be alright.

Support comes from Serina Pech, who has been writing beautiful original music since she was 12. Her music has grown up with her in the isolation of regional Northern Territory and she has created a unique sound that befits her quirky personality. Her music is catchy, sweet, deceptive and enchanting and she has an endearing nature that easily draws in a crowd.

  • Self-possessed and mature, Stanley's lyrics strike a balance between the raw… and tangible poetry.

    Sydney Morning Herald
  • Full Grown is an album that Im sure will be just as good a listen the 100th time as it is the first.

    The AU Review

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