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What was the hardest thing you ever had to tell someone? How did you find the right time and place to say it? Or did you leave it to go unsaid?

Two friends have a tricky thing to talk about. It’s been up in the air for months. But it’s hard to find the right moment to talk honestly. You know how it is: differences of political opinion, border closures from a global pandemic, the fear that telling the truth will destroy the tender connection you share.

You and a friend are invited to pop on a set of headphones and settle in over a drink. Listen to what these friends are struggling to say to each other, each of you hearing one side of the story. Then, when you wander away, the piece continues as you and your companion unpack what has gone unsaid, and decide whether some things need to be said at all.

Award-winning artists Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Sarah Reuben bring you the world premiere of I’ll Tell You In Person, an intimate audio theatre experience about the difficulties we have when talking honestly.

Please note I’ll Tell You In Person is an experience for two people and each participant needs to buy a ticket. We recommend you come with a friend but you can buy a single ticket – you will then be paired with another single ticket buyer and make a new friend.

  • Created by Jeffrey Jay Fowler & Sarah Reuben
  • Sound Max Juniper
  • Photo Duane Preston

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