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An evening in the presence of Iranian musician Mohammad Reza Mortazavi will change the way you think about percussion.

Playing traditional Persian hand drums (the tombak and daf) in his own unique way, he crafts a network of intricate rhythms, up-tempo beats and trance-like textures with incredible virtuosity. Melodies entwine one another in seemingly endless rhythmic variations, creating truly hypnotic worlds of sound.

Mortazavi first started taking tombak lessons at the age of six. Overwhelmed by the power and fascination of music, he learned to play the drum so quickly that by the time he was nine his teacher was unable to teach him anything further. At 20 he was already considered the world’s greatest hand drummer.

As a solo artist Mortazavi produces sounds of orchestral proportions simply with his dexterous hands. His technique is renowned for featuring simultaneous playing of polyrhythmic beats, sophisticated melodies and polyphonic compositions.

Audiences, critics and the media all agree – seeing Mohammad Reza Mortazavi is a truly mesmerising live experience!

  • This is a revolution.

  • Watching this unbelievably virtuoso soloist, one has the impression he does not have two but at least six hands.

  • Photo Acci Baba
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