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NEON is an unapologetic, hilarious and downright dirty dancing cabaret, where circus meets comedy and song in an unforgivably-big-shoulder-pads night out.

Join Australia’s iconic Circus Oz under neon lights, as they celebrate everything trashy, glitzy and fabulously tragic about the 1980s.

This jam-packed hour of non-stop energy dazzles with stunning acrobatic acts, breathtaking feats of circus, plus a smattering of Flashdance choreography in some rather uncomfortable gym wear. Directed by Malia Walsh and featuring an outrageous cast of multi-talented circus artists alongside a questionably fashionable MC, NEON is shamelessly inspired by the unforgettable songs, incredible fashion and unbridled optimism of the best decade ever.

It’s oh so tragically wrong, yet so wonderfully right.

*Warning: may contain hazardous levels of hair gel.

  • Director Malia Walsh
  • Costume Designer Sarah Seahorse
  • Performers Poppy Fairbairn, Lisa Lottie, Zion Martyn, Geraldine Quinn, Ian Richardson, Richard Sullivan
  • Photo Rob Blackburn

Circus Oz supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and Creative Victoria

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