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Presented by Salon Art Projects in association with Warlayirti Artists

Patsy Mudgedell is a contemporary artist redefining what Aboriginal art is, and can be. Born at Ruby Plains Station in WA, she began her education at Balgo Mission school. Later she moved to boarding school in Perth and studied Fine Art at the Batchelor Institute in the NT.

Through her richly textured paintings, Patsy also encourages respect for country: ‘…an artwork is a good way of showing that respect. It’s alive like we are alive. Growing up in those tribal places I’ve learned that the land is special in the sense that it is not what it seems. There’s a lot to it, the land can talk to you. The land can have a relationship with you. It takes care of humans and humans can take care of the land. It’s an active thing. This is why people have a duty of care to their areas. They have a responsibility and with that comes authenticity.’

  • Images Patsy Mudgedell painting.

  • Courtesy Warlayirti Artists

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