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Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey



Festival Park becomes a playground for adults with Pivot, a collection of semi-intelligent seesaws designed by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, artists who create unexpected situations for listening.

Join in this live art conversation kick-starter that connects you with other Festival goers in a philosophical tête-à-tête mediated by a talking seesaw. As you enjoy the rare opportunity to ride, speak and listen, remember that Pivot is programmed to consider all words it hears – so it’s reflecting your own views, and the views of many others. While global democracy teeters towards ever more dangerous farce, rejoice in the safe absurdity of a seesaw ride.

Pivot’s field of boldly coloured seesaws invites you to stop and play – and then asks you to think deeply about the commitments you make every day to create this complex world of ours. What does the future hold for our public spaces when those in power around the world seem hell bent on inflaming divisions rather than fostering confident, diverse communities? How can we make sure that the tensions emerging from cultural difference become constructive rather than remaining insecure, hateful and damaging? How do we find that balance?

Pivot will help unleash your inner child as it playfully looks at the role of conversation in our democracy, gifting you, the people of our city, a voice (and a ride on some play equipment).

Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Design Consultant Sue Fenton
Software Mick Byrne, We Make Apps
Audio Consultant Jim Atkins
Technical Manager Bosco Shaw
Construction Management Additive
Production Manager Emily O'Brien
Image credit
Victor Frankowski

Originally commissioned by Melbourne Fringe and the City of Melbourne

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