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Formosa Circus Art



Life is like a puzzle. You need to think, experience, try and… and keep searching until you find the very last piece.

Formosa Circus Art uses specially customised hollow cubes as pieces of puzzle in this fun and interactive circus experience for the whole family. Five talented circus performers tumble, balance, handstand and form human pyramids to stack the cubes in all sorts of permutations and combinations. They’ll need all the tricks of the circus trade and a little help from the audience to complete this Puzzle.

The name ‘Formosa’ means beautiful and it is often used as another name for Taiwan. Formosa Circus Art draw on the natural beauty and heritage of their island home in their work, bringing together Eastern traditional acrobatics, juggling, dance, drama and street theatre for a unique contemporary circus experience. Join them as they pop up in unexpected locations around Darwin.

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