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Presented by ArtLab: College of Indigenous Futures, Arts and Society, Charles Darwin University

Refugia is a transmedia exhibition that responds to the idea of Refugia, a biological state of being offering refuge in the face of modern climate change. Current Charles Darwin University Higher Degree by Research students and alumni will exhibit together responding to a shared awareness, both on an emotional and theoretical level, of the critical aspects of present times and the complexity of the world we live in.

In a broader interpretation of refugia, the Darwin environs have always been a refuge for many peoples, not in the least as a traditional land of abundance for the Larrakia Nation. Darwin has had a long history as a place to escape to from social constraints, pursuing law enforcers, relationships or the stresses of the bigger cities. The comparative isolation of Darwin throws up interesting aspects of refuge. Apart from the sociological, it’s positioning within an extreme climate of the tropics as a green environment create a haven for many species during times of hardship and drought.

This exhibition is in part a celebration of the diversity of Darwin’s fauna and flora and also investigates the challenges that its ecology and population face. It aims to establish a discourse on the nature of refugia as it applies to our position in the world.

  • Photo Still from Apocryphal Stories

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