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Alanna Mitchell

Sea Sick

Words & Ideas

'A thrilling… cautionary tale.' Toronto Star 

'Terrifying, laugh-out-loud funny, and ultimately hopeful, Mitchell's Sea Sick is a must-see.' Vancouver Observer

...the ocean contains the switch of life. Not land, not the atmosphere – the ocean. And that switch can be turned off...

Award-winning Canadian journalist and author Alanna Mitchell brings her bestselling book about the state of the global ocean to the stage for one powerful and deeply unsettling event. Using science and delicate wit, Mitchell invites you to journey with her to the bottom of the ocean to discover the demons lurking beneath and to salvage some hope for a better future.

Renowned for her investigative reporting on science and social trends, Alanna Mitchell uses a combination of humour, facts and entertaining storytelling to highlight the crises facing our world’s oceans, discovering along the way that that we won’t find the solutions we need for the high-carbon world we’ve created until we rewrite the story about how it all ends. Ultimately the answer lies in culture – in emotion and psychology and all the other things that make us uniquely human. It is art that has the potential to take us on journeys we could never take any other way. Join her for this vital, thought-provoking and ultimately hopeful journey. 


Writer & Performer Alanna Mitchell
Director Franco Boni
Co-Director Ravi Jain
Set & Costume Design Shawn Kerwin
Sound Design Tim Lindsay
Lighting Design Rebecca Picherack
Stage Manager & Touring Lighting Designer Melissa Joakim
Produced by Theatre Centre

Photo Chloe Ellingson

Supported by 

The Government of Canada