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Presented by Salon Art Projects in association with Spinifex Arts Project

The Spinifex Arts Project emerged out of work made for a Native Title claim determined in 2001. SELECTED celebrates the unbroken chain of knowledge and law intrinsic to the Spinifex people that is expressed through their remarkable paintings.

Forming a distinctly identifiable style, Spinifex artists have continued to flourish and their work has been rewarded with national and international recognition.

This new series of work by four male artists, Lawrence Pennington, Fred Grand, Ned Grant and Timo Hogan, embodies the spirit and connection to country through their practice. The stories, the landscape and the relationship between inma (the singing of country) and the act of painting, imbue these works with the powerful knowledge and sense of place and identity of the artists.

  • Image Courtesy Spinifex Arts Project

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