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Presented by ArtLab: College of Indigenous Futures, Arts and Society, Charles Darwin University

The role of the arts in mining us explored in an event featuring visual art exhibitions, newly composed music performances, artist talks, a panel discussion, scholarly debate and forest bathing.

Specific selected mining material, in the form of core samples, and related scientific data is translated through creative processes with the aim of stimulating the senses and provoking further enquiry. Both aesthetic and informative, each event offers insight into the specialist roles and responsibilities in a mining environment.

The interdisciplinary collaboration includes participants as researchers and specialists in the fields of geology, petrology, arts, law, nature therapy, philosophy and music. Each programmed event uses mining core samples as the impetus. Core samples are a result of diamond core drilling in mining exploration and are generally cylindrical lengths of naturally occurring sediment or rock. The core samples used in this project were specifically requested from State and Territory core libraries. The wide-ranging results include tangible, audible and visual art forms that can be navigated and experienced in a variety of venues alongside artist talks and an informative panel discussion. The panel discussion will give an insight into each participants specialist role and their contribution and reflection on this project. There will be an opportunity to handle various core samples and ask project-related questions. A workshop will follow for those who would like to hear paper presentations and engage in a rigorous scholarly debate about the roles of arts, social values and science in mining. The forest bathing event will prepare you for this dynamic program by providing a unique opportunity to slow down, awaken the senses and be fully present to place in a beautiful Top End environment.

  • Image Lee Harrop, Rock Star, hand-engraved dolerite, core samples from the Superpit, Kalgoorlie, WA, 2017

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