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With Panic Bruss
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Get your fix of virtuosic original music inspired by tropical jungles, late night Balkan weddings, 1960s chic and shamanistic desert rituals with TEK TEK.

These three guys and three girls captivate audiences with exclamatory trumpet, hedonistic violins and organ, deeply pulsating drums and bass, wild psychedelic electric guitar and synthesizer and a rich serving of harmonised singing (and wailing) thrown in.

Featuring members of Melbourne groups The Bombay Royale, Vulgargrad, The Cumbia Cosmonauts, Papa Chango, The Sugar Fed Leopards and Johnnie and the Johnnie Johnnies, this ensemble will take you around the world on a wild musical ride.

With support from the excessively ‘80s-obsessed Panic Bruss, the brainchild of two Darwin high-school boys Grant Geld (trash surf jazz wizard) and Hugh Silber (reformed folk guitar junkie) who started making nostalgic new wave/synth pop sounds together in 2017, and joined by the beautiful and talented Jess (saxophone), Shannon (alto) and Eleanor (synths) in 2019, Panic Bruss are bringing twisted fun, dark romance and the sounds of your dreams (or nightmares?) to the Darwin music scene.

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