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A single grain of salt sits on top of a dormant mass. A tentative shuffle begins a migration. The salt trickles, becomes a torrent, becomes a cloud, becomes a pattern; capturing breath and heartbeat before sweeping away.

From the moment you enter the theatre, The Perception Experiment challenges the way you experience a live dance performance. With senses heightened, what you see, hear and feel may not be what you expected. Choreographers Frankie Snowdon and Madeleine Krenek invite you to explore time and space as they combine elements of dance, sound and salt in a performance inspired by and created in the Australian desert.

The Perception Experiment is a work born from preoccupations with the intangible, disappearing, particle theory and remnants of ephemeral actions. The creators have examined these fascinations by sharing physical space with multiple bodies, whilst offering ways these ideas, and their form of dance, might be experienced via multiple sensory pathways. Be totally immersed as they attempt to capture, through the creation of spaces, sound and moving bodies, the essence of our endless and unrelenting obsessions with what can and cannot be seen, heard and felt in the physical world as we think we know it.

  • Unspeakably entrancing... every moment in The Perception Experiment is absolute beauty.

    What Did She Think
  • A bravura performance… enthralling.

    Alice Springs News
  • Concept, Direction & Choreography Frankie Snowdon & Madeleine Krenek

  • Original Choreographic Collaborators & Performers Kelly Beneforti, Tara Samaya
  • Sound Designer Darcy Davis
  • Lighting Designer Jen Hector
  • Costume Designers Frankie Snowdon & Liz Verstappen
  • Project Producer Adam Wheeler
  • Tour Manager Liz Rogers

    Photo Pippa Samaya

Proudly supported by

Arts NT and the Australia Council for the Arts.

With support from the Australian Government's Regional Arts Fund

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