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“Time comes and goes, but people still need to continue to think”. Indigenous Taiwanese artist Etan Pavavalung is passionate about the environment and dismayed at the current state of global affairs. In his new exhibition, Thinking in the Nature, he expresses his criticism of global environmental issues. Using traditional based methods and multimedia practises he highlights the importance of critical thinking.

Artist Talk, Sat 10 Aug 11am

Pavavlung started to develop his Vecik (carved lines and patterns) style in 2009 when his mountainside Davalan village was severely damaged by Typhoon Morakot. Seeing fellow tribes people suffer from homesickness after relocating to prefabricated housing units at the mountain base, Pavavlung began to reconstruct Paiwan culture by depicting nature, forests and aboriginal symbols in his art creations. He continuously builds his work to express the love of his culture, people and Paiwan language. Join the artist talk to hear more from Pavavlung and enjoy a screening of the documentary My World, My Language and a performance from band Kacalisian.

Workshop – Wood printing with The Pulima, Sat 24 Aug 11am

‘The Pulima’ in Paiwan means people who possess special skills. The Pavavalung family is well known as ‘The Pulima’ in the Paiwan tribe. This workshop introduces you to ‘The Pulima’s’ world. Pavavalung will demonstrate the Vecik (carved lines and patterns) technique and you will be given the opportunity to create a work yourself.

  • Artwork Etan Pavavalung, 2018

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