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Presented by Munupi Arts and Jilamara Arts and Craft Association

Yirrinkirripwoja Jilamara brings together Tiwi Island artists from Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association and Munupi Aboriginal Arts and Crafts Association for an emotional and exuberant celebration that evokes the unique world-view of the Tiwi people, as well as their ancient and complex traditions and mythologies

Jilamara Arts (Milikapiti) and Munupi Arts (Pirlangimpi) are remote Tiwi owned and governed art centres located on Melville Island, the larger of the Tiwi Islands. Internationally renowned for their authentic, contemporary artwork, the artists create work based on jilamara (body painting design), clan totems and Tiwi creation stories.

The art of the Tiwi people has a unique aesthetic that draws from their ancient ceremonial traditions and the associated intricate and expressive designs painted with local natural ochres. These pigments applied to the bodies and to salient ceremonial carvings during ritualistic performances are important aspects of these ceremonies that incorporate highly elaborate dances and underpin the development of contemporary Tiwi art.

Limited by the natural pigments of yellow, red, white and black, Tiwi artists create a surprising diversity of highly dynamic visual elaborations as they skilfully merge contemporary personal ideas with ancient meaningful symbology.

Showcasing the profusion and vibrancy of Tiwi artists across several generations, the annual Tiwi Double Tree Hilton exhibition offers some of the best new work by emerging and senior Tiwi artists, as well as a chance to meet them and experience Yoi (dance) at the opening celebration on Friday morning 10.30 am.

  • Main image Pupuni Jilamara, Simplicia Tipungwuti, 2020.

  • Photo: Guy Allain

    Additional images

  • Mario Puruntatameri painting a Tutini. Photo Guy Allain 2020
  • Tiwi Dancers at the opening of the Annual Tiwi exhibition (2019) at the Hilton Double Tree. From Left: Pedro Wonaeamirri , Lawrence Costa, Patrick Freddy Puruntatameri, Columbiere Tipungwuti, Bede Tungutalum, Callistus Babui, Osmond Pangiraminni, Pirrawayingi and Mario Walarmerpui. Photo Will Heathcote

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