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Bron Batten

Onstage Dating


'If only all first dates were as funny as this.' SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

With online apps like Tinder, Grindr and OK Cupid, love’s tender and intimate course has gone public like never before. Dating profiles chart our hopes and dreams for that perfect significant other, laid bare on the internet for anonymous audiences to trawl or troll as they will. Face value is now our only value.

Onstage Dating takes the fraught and intoxicating performance of modern courtship to the next level – from cyberspace to live onstage. Developed while Bron Batten was in residence in Paris, London and Lithuania, Onstage Dating incorporates questions from American psychologist Arthur Aron's Famous '36 Questions' and interrogates the modern phenomenon of online dating. It toasts the conventions of the traditional first date, testing the commitment and limits of performer, volunteer and audience alike with hilarious results.

Each night Batten will go on an actual first date with a different participant, all in front of the audience. Witness the thrill and heartbreak of the dating experience up close as Batten gleefully destroys the rituals of contemporary romance.


Performer & Devisor Bron Batten
Outside Eye Direction Gary Abrahams
Sound Design Edward Gould

Photo Theresa Harrison

Supported by

City of Melbourne, Cité Internationale des Arts Paris and Melbourne Theatre Company