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I Have a Face
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Multi-award-winning cabaret artist Jude Perl has established herself as a musician who presents ‘hilarious and painfully spot on observations’ (Plus Ones) mixed with ‘insanely clever and comical songwriting’ (Melbourne Observer). Now she’s embarking on an adventure to solve all of our collective inner angst.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Do you get option anxiety when choosing methods to numb that incessant cry for help? Are you perpetually confused about everything ever? Well, look no further, because when it comes to confusion, Jude Perl has all the answers.

Yes, Jude Perl has been confusing audiences for years with her misplaced musical talents and now it’s Darwin’s turn. Don’t miss the perfectly sculpted catchy pop tunes, comic energy and cabaret genius of I Have a Face.

  • It wont be long until this musical genius will fill stadiums.

    Weekend Note
  • 'Punny, engaging and clever.'

    The Australian

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