T’ara Cole Joins Fly Me Up To Where You Are Project

As Darwin students head back to school this week, many will start work on their dream flags as part of Fly Me Up To Where You Are. T’ara Cole has joined this special project, creating one of the flags that will feature in the final installation at Darwin Festival 2021.

Here she shares what inspired her creation:

Here on Larrakia land, people of many walks of life and nationalities gather. It is a gathering place for anyone who seeks to reside in a laid back, grounded and warm lifestyle. No matter where I travel, move to and explore, I always return home to the saltwater dangga’la-pa country. It is a place that draws people to rest and revive whilst on their journey of life. It is a rich land, covered in stunning flora and fauna, including the almighty banyan tree. This tree, like Darwin, provides a perfect space to sit, revive, tell stories, play and share knowledge and laughter whilst basking under its wide spread shade and its intricate display of as above – so below root structure. Though Darwin has its beauty and wondrous culture, I will not hide in the fact that we have a lot of work to do.

As most of us know there is a saddening history to the founding of the society we now walk amongst and there are many aspects of the way we live here that are a by-product of the trauma that was, and still is, inflicted upon the Original people of this continent and the land itself – our mother. I address this topic with love and the intention to keep the truth present and encourage all of us to move forward in a direction where all humans walking throughout this city walk as brothers and sisters, as one collective with the prosperous objective of unity with one another and the land. Together we can heal what still brings so much pain and evolve into an even more abundant society. An Aunty recently said to me, as she travels out bush she can see the land is sad, because we are not caring for it properly. When we can care for ourselves and care for the land, only then can we say we are great. So just as we all love the sunsets and sunrises that bring us together in awe of this life, let’s come together to embrace one another, our truths and stories and work united in the evolution of a more balanced and honourable society.

Find out more about the project over on our Schools page.

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