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BOOBS is a ground-breaking tale of mammary proportions that follows one woman and her two boobs through a life changing decision, a million opinions, a natural disaster and an ‘Australian first’.

When multi-award-winning artist Selina Jenkins chose, as a grown woman, to undergo elective surgery of a fiercely personal nature, she hoped for good health and great results. She hadn’t anticipated the metaphorical hurricane that surrounded her decision or simultaneously weathering a literal one.

Selina is an acclaimed musician and celebrated musical comedian whose distinctive style of storytelling marries humour and heartbreak amongst cleverly written songs and thought-provoking anecdotes.

  • Beautifully crafted and superbly sung… powerful stuff.

    Time Out

    Powerful and illustrative. Jenkins is a star. Charming, exciting, genuine and breathtakingly raw.

  • Photos Alison Fairley

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