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Tiffany Singh


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In 2020 Darwin Festival invited school students across the Darwin region to create unique dream flags to express their thoughts, hopes and dreams for the future.

Their designs covered everything from global issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter and the environment to family, home or their favourite animals and music. Now you can experience 3,000 of these beautifully decorated flags, along with a special flag that has been designed by Larrakia artist T’ara Cole to reflect on the original people of this land. in a large-scale installation at Darwin Waterfront.

Take a walk under the canopy and be immersed in a celebration of the young people in the Northern Territory. Devised by New Zealand artist Tiffany Singh, Fly Me Up To Where You Are is a special hands-on project to inspire and empower our younger generations. The installation includes a documentary from local filmmaker Thea Schroeder that goes behind the scenes of this fascinating project, exploring the making of the flags, what matters to the young people of the Northern Territory and how they might make the world a better place.

Fly Me Up To Where You Are offers a chance to really value their voices and to teach them to identify their hopes and dreams. Giving students the encouragement to imagine a better world for themselves and their communities is critical for us to grow and develop as a nation.


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