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Threethirtyitis sufferer Mel Buttle brings a brand-new hour of laughs to Darwin.

For over a decade Mel has been a powerhouse on the live comedy circuit, delighting audiences around the country. And as if that weren’t enough, she’s also managed to become a social media phenomenon in her spare time, with her beloved Mum/Lyn character becoming a break-out star in her own right. With followers tallying in the hundreds of thousands, and over 4 million likes on TikTok, you can always rely on her keen observational take on the absurdities of modern life. Like this show – an ode to our modern heroes, like people who can say “my left your right”. Wow, colour me impressed!

What else can I write to lure you in? I’ve already shown off that I can use first and third person. You’ve seen me on the telly on shows like The Hundred, Would I Lie To You?, Question Everything and as your Mum on TikTok, now come and see me live.

  • Buttle s dry critique of the perils of life has the audience in hysterics.

    The Age
  • Photo Nicole Reed

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