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Techno-troublemakers Counterpilot have a plan for each one of us. And all you have to do is say yes. Are you ready to say yes today?

Pop on a set of headphones, follow some pseudo-inspirational instructions and work together with other participants to stage an ensemble intervention, activating Festival Park with acts of hope and disconcerting joy. Before long, an army of good citizens will take over our Festival hub, celebrating the day and spreading their message of “She’ll be right!”

After bringing Darwin Avoidable Perils, the competitive game of death-defying cooperation, and Truthmachine, a working polygraph test for a room full of strangers, Counterpilot are back with their brand-new public activation for the greatest of goods. Not A Cult* uses herd mentality and facilitated acts of play to conduct a whimsical pop-up flash mob that spreads false hope for the okayness of our surrounding world.

Fuelled by toxic positivity, multi-level marketing schemes, suspicious Pentecostal power structures and the casual confidence of the silent majority, this is stinging satire masquerading as a real good time. It’s time to have a go. Let’s all have a go together. Here we go…


It’s too much fun not to join in this whimsical pop-up in the Park! This event is now FREE, so throw caution to the air and turn up early with your hand up to take part.

Existing ticket holders will be contacted shortly.

  • Writers Nathan Sibthorpe & Toby Martin

  • Director Nathan Sibthorpe

  • Sound Designer Mike Willmett

  • Technical & Production Designers John Felmingham & Christine Felmingham

  • Originating Costume Designer Sarah Winter

  • Production & Costume Designer Chloe Greaves

  • Voices Toby Martin & Kate O’Sullivan

  • Producer Metro Arts

  • Photo Morgan Roberts

Supported by Arts Queensland & Metro Arts

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