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The Butch is Back
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Imagine if Joan Collins, Tim Curry and Meow Meow all dropped a stack of narcotics and had an orgy… Now roll it in jewels and bathtub gin and you’re halfway there.

The obscenely intelligent, rib-crackingly funny Reuben Kaye heads to the tropics in an explosion of high camp and filthy humour. Backed by his band The Kaye Holes, this international cabaret star and award-winning cry for help is what happens when you tell your children they can be anything. With an acid wit and a casual sensationalism that is simply delicious, Reuben is fast, on the edge and brutally funny – a Swarovski-studded revolt against the ever-narrowing views of an increasingly conservative world.

Reuben’s own brand of melodramatic showmanship has wowed audiences and critics around the globe. He dominates the stage and devours his audience as he seamlessly blends lavish storytelling into gilded song, with an impressive repertoire that ranges from Kurt Weill to Kate Bush.

  • A superstar by any definition!

    Stage Whispers

    Lavish, dark and cheeky.

    The Age
  • Performer, Writer & Choreographer Reuben Kaye

  • Musical Director & Performer (piano) Shanon Whitelock
  • Additional Material Writer Andy Balloch
  • Performers Alana Dawes (bass), Jason McMahon (sax) & Bec Matthews (drums)
  • Main photo Ren Brocklehurst
  • Additional photo Jax Moussa

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