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Let music take you to another place.

SonicDrift is a unique music collaboration between innovative classical musician Claire Kilgariff and music industry professional Chryss Carr. The idea sparked between the two and swiftly manifested into a groundbreaking new way to experience music. This artistic collaboration fuses Claire’s visionary music direction and Chryss’s ability to creatively direct and connect neo-classical, electronic and traditional Aboriginal musicians with members of the renowned Arafura Music Collective.

Enter a candle-lit room at dusk and lie back on a mat or sit in a chair with your eyes closed to fully experience this intercultural sonic space. Featuring the sounds of an ancient Yolŋu manikay, recorded by N.E Arnhem Songman Rrawun Maymuru with Sydney based neo-classical composer and producer Nick Wales, the musical highlight ‘Nyapillilngu; Spirit Lady’ has an inexplicable beauty. A live performance from members of Arafura Music Collective is enhanced by special guest Larrakia artist Lena Kellie who adds her ethereal vocal tonality to create an unforgettable experience.

SonicDrift promises to take you on an immersive music adventure that has the capacity to centre and connect you back to source.

  • Photo Duane Preston

Supported by Darwin Festival’s Spotlight Creative Development Fund

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