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Welcome to a tropical island full of palm trees, phosphate mines, coconut water and kids.

Set against a backdrop of handmade costumes and colonialism, this is an absurd, true story about Leonardo da Vinci, seagull shit, the Pacific and children in detention.

Part school musical, part history lesson and part political probe, We All Know What’s Happening sees people too young to vote confront power, complacency, children’s rights and the future.

This neo-colonial history lesson by Samara Hersch, Lara Thoms and a cast of child activists is a response to ongoing fraught global relationships with the island of Nauru and attempts to give voice to those censored from the conversation. Compelling and unsettling yet thoroughly entertaining, We All Know What’s Happening is a show for all ages and one that will have everyone talking.

  • Passionate and political, affecting and entertaining.

    Sydney Morning Herald

    A sharp and subversive lens on the adult world... A remarkable insight into Nauru.

    The Age
  • Co-created by Samara Hersch & Lara Thoms

  • Performers & Co-creators Theo Boltman, Lazar Feldman, Casper Plum, Allegra Di Lallo, Finley Owen, Venu Elisaia, Flora Feldman
  • Sound Designer & Composer Marco Cher-Gibard
  • Pianist & Collaborator Grace Ferguson
  • Lighting Designer Jen Hector
  • Designer Romanie Harper with Lara Thoms
  • Stage Manager & Youth Co-ordinator Cassandra Fumi
  • Production Manager Katie Sfetkidis
  • Photo Bryony Jackson
  • Past Performers & Collaborators Tove Due, Eve Nixon, Bridie Noonan, Prue Clarke, Olivia Bishop

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