Customer service charter

Our Customer Service Principles


  • We will respond to inquiries received via email, post, telephone, social media and at sales counters
  • We will respond to email and postal inquiries within seven (7) business days
  • We will respond to social media inquiries within 24 hours
  • We will endeavour to resolve verbal inquiries over the telephone or at sales counters. Otherwise, we will provide verbal inquirers with our contact details to ensure they can email or post their feedback in writing
  • Our customer service counters and telephone lines will be manned during advertised hours
  • Our telephone service will be readily accessible via the National Relay Service

Quality Service

  • We will provide excellent customer service delivered by friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Our staff will provide courteous and agreeable service to understand the customer’s inquiry from their perspective and ensure an outcome


  • We have systems in place to protect our customers’ confidential information
  • We have a Privacy Policy publicly available for our customers’ information
  • We handle information in accordance with the Privacy Act, 1988.


  • We aim to provide consistent and clear information across our communications channels
  • We will give you access to your personal information if you request it
  • Customers will always have the option to unsubscribe from our communications


  • Our dealings with customers will be conducted with integrity and honesty
  • We will focus on helping customers find solutions to their inquiries
  • Every customer is treated equally
  • Our team members are accountable in their dealings with customers

Feedback compliments, complaints and suggestions

Feedback includes compliments, complaints, suggestions or any information about our delivery, services or performance.

Customers can provide feedback through formal and informal channels. Formal channels include in writing via email, post and social media. Informal channels include verbal feedback via the telephone or over our counters. Customers with verbal feedback or complaints will be provided with information regarding the formal channels to report their issue.

Should a customer have a complaint, we appreciate them providing us with the first opportunity to resolve it.

All customers have the right to raise concerns and make legitimate complaints, and the expectation that the issues raised will be handled in a fair, confidential and responsive manner.

If a customer is not satisfied with our response, they may ask for a review of our handling of the matter. The review process will determine if we acted according to our policies and guidelines, and the customer’s rights under Australian Consumer Law.

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