Tiger Daughter vs The World
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Get ready to travel as ‘Tiger Daughter’ He Huang takes you on one hilarious global journey.

Whether she’s getting lost in translation at exotic bazaars or navigating ancient ruins with an absurdly inappropriate guidebook, He’s adventures will have you laughing out loud. Forget your Lonely Planet guide, because if you want to survive international cuisine, unexpected transportation mishaps and staying alive in a foreign land, the only guide you need is… Tiger Daughter.

After exploding on to the world scene with her hilarious audition on Australia’s Got Talent, Chinese comedy superstar He Huang has racked up numerous awards (including Best Newcomer at Sydney and Melbourne Comedy Festivals), TV appearances and over 40 million views online. Now her travels are bringing her back to Darwin!


  • Incredible wit and comedic timing… Empowered, sassy and fearless'.

    Beat Magazine

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