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In all its grammatical positions (verb/adjective/adverb/noun) the word prompt holds at its core both action and urgency. Be it a call to action, or a quick response, prompts are generative, they create a set of conditions and condition a set of actions.

Universities are good at prompts, they are made of them. Intended to provoke, spark, ignite, inspire, even infuriate, the prompt is more than a question, it is the beginning of questioning as a process where everyone has skin in the game.

One of Charles Darwin University’s (CDU) strategic goals – Goal 5 – is to prioritise environmental and organisational sustainability. How can thinking sustainably be a sustainable thought? How long can it be sustained before it is interrupted? How do we organise around sustainable environments? How do we sustain environments through organisation? How do we navigate competing demands for environmental and organisational sustenance?

How do we sustain, sustainably?

CDU Academy of the Arts students explore these questions through studio practice, material exploration and collective action.

  • Image Osheen N. H. Baker, Creation / Destruction, 2024, digital image produced in Procreate

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