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PowerPoint meets LGBTQIA+ as the corporate world’s snooziest presentation software gets a joyous queer makeover.

Xanthe Dobbie and Harriet Gillies host a night of surprising stories, secret passions and starwipe that reclaim the corporate presentation from the straight capitalist overlords.

Queer PowerPoint is the cult hit experimental performance series that features a bunch of queers deep diving into highly niche content in a very gay way. See Darwin creatives sharing their ideas, current obsession or ongoing fascination in a 10-minute performance lecture using the most staid and ubiquitous of programming tools – PowerPoint. Each lecture can be about absolutely anything – the only rules are they have to be queer af, and they have to use Microsoft PowerPoint.

Don’t miss this evening of delightfully obscure, joyful and super queer sharing.

If you’re keen to go deep down your favourite rabbithole to explore something you’ve learnt, felt, got obsessed with or freaked out by recently, why not apply to be part of Queer PowerPoint. All you have to do is share your idea in a 10-minute talk with slides built using Microsoft PowerPoint (no performance or PowerPoint skill necessary).  For more information email or apply here before 1 July. 

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