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Presented in association with Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

It’s been a while – 65 million years, actually – since Darwin echoed with the footsteps of dinosaurs.

Now, thanks to Erth, Sydney’s world-famous dinorecreationists, these majestic creatures will once again walk the land. The picturesque lawns of the Museum and Art Gallery of NT are the perfect picnic ground for a prehistoric pack – and the whole family is invited to get very close to some life-like ancient creatures. Made to spark feelings of wonder, Prehistoric Picnic is an interactive adventure that sends MAGNT back to the wilderness of a distant era.

With the Erth team and two young local tour leaders as your guides, you can meet the ancient creatures that are remembered in the stories of our First People, including the newest members of Erth’s prehistoric menagerie – the towering, three-metre-tall Thunderbirds!

All performances of Erth’s Prehistoric Picnic have a ‘safe zone’ provided for audiences looking for a Relaxed Performance environment. Download full details here.

As part of Science Week meet Australia’s megafauna with a Palaeontologist. On Thu 11 & Fri 12 Aug join Dr Adam Yates and Dr Sam Arman, MAGNT’s Palaeontologists, for a walk through time, a Q&A and a chance to ground your Prehistoric Picnic experience in science!

  • Director Scott Wright

  • Associate Director Tom Caley
  • Designer Steve Howarth
  • Additional Designers Bryony Anderson & Aron Dosiak
  • Music Phil Downing

    Photos Cassandra Hannagan & Yaya Stempler

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Supported by Create NSW

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