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Join us for two exciting podcast series, run on loop in Browns Mart Courtyard.

Saltwater Stories of the Larrakia  

This is a podcast that takes you from the hot red earth to cooling monsoons, from the mighty saltwater crocodile to a healing native plum, and from a diehard football fan to a doctor who walks between two worlds.   

Salty Plum Stories

Salty Plums: they’re a little bit sweet, a little bit sour and a little bit salty.  Some say if you’ve never tasted one, you’ve never been to the real Darwin.  Introduced by Chinese migrants in the 17th Century, they’ve become a symbol of this city’s unique multicultural community.  Hosted by Larrakia woman Nicole Brown, Salty Plum Stories shares the experiences of six people from six different cultures, bringing you into the heart of the real Darwin, Salty Plums and all.    

Special Event: Salty Plum and Saltwater Stories – City of Darwin Panel Discussion

To kick off the series, City of Darwin will host a 1 hour panel discussion at 5.15pm on Fri 25 Aug with some of the interviewees on the Power and Water Bamboo Bandstand.

  • Saltwater Stories of the Larrakia

  • Saltwater Stories of the Larrakia is a City of Darwin podcast, created in collaboration with the Larrakia people.

  • Produced by Lori Uden and Cinnamon Nippard, with editorial support from Johanna Bell with mixing by Hamish Robertson.

  • Soundtrack composed by Larrakia woman Lena Kellie and produced by Skinnyfish Music.

  • Big thanks to Larrakia Nation for their support.

  • Salty Plum Stories

  • Salty Plum Stories is a Discover Darwin podcast for the City of Darwin.

  • It was produced by Lori Uden and Cinnamon Nippard, with editorial support from Johanna Bell and mixing by Hamish Robertson.

  • The incredible soundtrack was composed and mixed by Kuya James and Tutup Mulut.

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