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Equal parts movie and live music gig, Silence of the Jams is an epic independent film with an entirely original soundtrack.

In a dystopian future where the world falls into silence, all live music has stopped and robots (aka smartphones) now rule the world. Having only ever used his trusty old Nokia, Eddie Ray missed the memo, or meme. In the wild west of the Sunshine Coast with a motorbike as his trusty steed and haunted by the songs in his head, Eddie must journey to find the weapon that can beat the machines – live music. Eddie and his Band of Legends, consisting of the finest musicians on the Sunny Coast, perform the soundtrack live alongside the screening.

Eddie Ray has been called the next Yahoo Serious. His music is funky and his shows are funny. He doesn’t own a smartphone, he doesn’t have a TikTok and has never shared a cat video. This one-man machine is fighting the smartphone apocalypse one song at a time. Eddie does all his own stunts, writes and records his own music from his home studio (where he plays every instrument) and makes his own films. Silence of the Jams was filmed entirely by two people – one actor, one camera, with Eddie in front of the camera and his wife Aimee behind it. It’s a cowboy motorcycle post-apocalyptic musical… sorta thing…

  • All of the things! Writer/Co-Director/Composer/Editor/Performer/Musician/That Guy Without a Smartphone/Eddie Ray Mark Gray

  • Videographer/Co-Director/Editor/Producer Aimee Gray

  • Drums / Legend: Dee 'Wild Eyes' Dee Bradbery

  • Keys/Sax/Kazoo/Back Up Vox / Legend: Hardhat Hardisty Lee Hardisty

  • Guitar/Kazoo/Back up Vox / Legend: Haystacks Hayden Hack

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