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Presented by Darwin Festival and Darwin Entertainment Centre

Gravity & Other Myths, the home-grown circus company that conquered the world, brings together all three of its core ensembles plus a choir of 22 voices for The Pulse.

This pulsing, monolithic work unites audience, acrobat and choir into a single organism for a moment in time.

Watch as a mountain of bodies crumbles into an ocean of voices and towering human structures move with precision through an ever-changing web of ropes and elastic. Geoff Cobham’s sentient lighting design, combined with Darcy Grant’s inspired crowd management and Ekrem Eli Phoenix’s driving score, create an intricate, organic synchronicity of human movement and sound – all to the beat of your own pounding pulse!

The Pulse is packed to the brim with visceral, poetic and heart-stopping feats of strength and agility matched with sublime vocal dexterity. The result is exhilarating.

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  • The skill, artistry and daring on display is breathtaking.

    Limelight Magazine
  • 'A gob-smacking experience.

    Australian Stage
  • Director Darcy Grant

  • Lighting & Set Designer Geoff Cobham
  • Composer Ekrem Eli Phoenix
  • Conductor Christie Anderson
  • Creative Ensemble Alyssa Moore, Amanda Lee, Andre Augustus, Annalise Moore, Axl Osborne, Benton Adams-Walker, Chris Carlos, Dylan Phillips, Emily Gare, Ellen Grow, Jackson Manson, Jacob Randell, Jascha Boyce, Joanne Curry, Jordan Hart, Joren Dawson, Joshua Strachan, Kevin Beverley, Lachlan Binns, Lachlan Harper, Lewis Rankin, Lewis West, Lisa Goldsworthy, Lyndon Johnson, Margot Mansfield, Martin Schreiber, Maya Tregonning, Megan Giesbrecht, Rachel Boyd, Shani Stephens, Simon McClure, Tom Adams-Walker
  • Choir Aurora (Young Adelaide Voices)
  • Company Producers Jascha Boyce, Jacob Randell, Darcy Grant
  • Executive Producer Torben Brookman
  • Sound System Designer Mik Lavage
  • Production Manager Belinda Murphy
  • Technical Director Marko Respondeck
  • Photo Darcy Grant


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Major Festivals Initiative, managed by the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, in association with the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals Inc., commissioned by Darwin Festival, Adelaide Festival, Sydney Festival and GWB Entertainment

The Pulse and Gravity & Other Myths supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

Gravity & Other Myths supported as an organisation by Arts South Australia

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