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Myf Warhurst & Zan Rowe


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Join Myf and Zan for Bang On Live – their smash hit Double J podcast on stage.

Bang On brings together two of Australia’s most respected and loved music journalists and presenters – who are also great friends – with your one stop shop for music, art, life and stuff. It’s all the conversations you need to be across each week (but don’t have the time to read a think-piece about).

Myf and Zan said: “We’re both ridiculously excited to be taking this podcast on a proper tour around the country for the first time, because we’ll finally get to meet all of our fabulous listeners (our devoted Bang Fam) – they’ve been through so much with us over the last eight years.

“We simply cannot wait to see your faces and we guarantee to share wine time, probably laugh a lot, possibly cry just a little bit, and definitely do a faarshun parade together. It’s gonna be a hoot!”

  • A jam-packed 60 minutes of beautifully controlled chaos.


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