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Let’s get one thing straight. No one goes to see JAZZPARTY to have their expectations met. They go to have them completely, dutifully, willingly blown away.

It’s difficult to describe what this eight-piece band do musically – because they do a lot! With eclectic influences from Fats Waller to Rosalia, Prince to Patsy Cline and David Lynch to Ennio Morricone, the band have stretched out from their early R n B and New Orleans style revelry, to explore soul, rock ’n’ roll, gospel, calyspo, 70’s cult folk and pop – all with a punk attitude.

JAZZPARTY began as a series of late-night residencies across Melbourne every Monday (the muso/hospo night off) and soon became a cult party night not to be missed. They’ve gone on to become recognised as one of Australia’s finest live and recording acts and have been featuring on festival stages across the country for years, blowing the minds of the uninitiated and delighting long-time fans. Onstage JAZZPARTY are a force to be reckoned with. Dancing and shouting is highly encouraged with their formidable front woman Loretta Miller leading the charge.

Come and party with JAZZPARTY.

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