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Kathryn Dwyer


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Colour rules all in this debut exhibition by Darwin visual artist, Kathryn Dwyer.

Enter a world where iconic Magpie Geese walk in procession through a forest of neon pink and green leaves and vertical cerulean streams, while Sacred Ibis convene under a Prussian blue sky split by swaying bamboo and the essence of pandanus in a trees. Stillt-legged Jabiru are softly iridescent among sharp-edged abstracted wetlands, saturated and sea-sick with colour. Still more Ibis flash white in the midst of electric colour, walking and flying through a geometric feast of pigment. Doves perch serene and honey-eaters chatter and scold and scuffle their way through falling apricot leaves.

The artist creates a world where shape and detail become the slaves of hue, existing only to further the aims of colour. The drama of the Northern Territory landscape in all its contrasts and contradictions twine around the artist’s internal landscape to create a visual cacophony that soothes while it overwhelms and stimulates.

Presented by Tactile Arts

  • Image Kathryn Dwyer, Colour Conference, 2023

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